The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism is jointly sponsoring a 5-day Contemporary Island Cuisine Training with the Ministry of Agriculture at the Dreamview Villas, Rakiraki from the 27 to 31 May 2019.

The training is expected to be attended by 27 participants from resorts, hotels and restaurants within the region as well as women involved in tourism activities in the villages of Navai, Nabalasere, Nubutautau and Naga.  Participants will learn contemporary island menus and presentation techniques to promote the use of local produce in their catering and food delivery services.

“This initiative is aimed at strengthening the link between the two major economic sectors of tourism and agriculture through the promotion of local Fijian produce and their use in the tourism sector.” said Ms Nanise Masau, Director Tourism from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. 

“Through these trainings, our cooks and chefs have the opportunity to learn and share new skills and ideas to better their service delivery,” she added.

Renowned chef, Mr Colin Chung was delighted to be able to share his knowledge and skills with the participants.

“It is a pleasure to share my experiences, expertise and knowledge with the eager young participants to create tasty and appealing contemporary cuisine from local grown, gathered and harvested produce from both land and sea. Training helps raise standards in our local cuisine for our peri-urban and rural areas from where you all come from,” said Mr Colin Chung.  

This initiative will help upgrade both the culinary skills and understanding of using local produce in modern contemporary ways.  It will also enhance food offerings to international and local visitors, increase the use and demand for local produce and thereby improve local economies, whilst cutting down significantly on imports.

Two similar workshops have been conducted in the Yasawa and Coral Coast regions with more proposed around the country where needed.  These trainings help equip our host communities and service providers to meet the expectations of the modern-day visitor who seeks a unique food experience.

Alongside Chef Collin Chung is Pacific Islands Resort Consultant, Mr Greg Cornwall will be assisting during the 5-day training.  The training consists of an explanation of local cuisine followed by four and a half days of practical cookery. He also acknowledged the support of sponsors Goodman Fielder/Crest, Fiji Meats, Fiji Gas, Paradise Seafood, Fiji Chemicals and Fiji Coffee towards the week-long training.

Chef Chung’s ‘Kana Vinaka, Contemporary Island Cuisine’ Cookbook which was launched in late April 2017, will be the participant’s textbook during the course of the next few days.  It showcases local produce and can be used as a culinary reference tool. 

Food is an important part of a Fijian holiday and the ability to showcase our culture including local food – seafood, fish, fruits, vegetables, meat in new and contemporary styles add value to the overall Fijian experience. 

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