The Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development Honourable Premila Kumar, hosted the twelve winning towns and cities pageant Queens to a morning tea today.

The event was an opportunity for the Honourable Minister to officially meet and congratulate the Queens and to also remind them of the important role they play as advocates and ambassadors in their own communities.

“You have a very important role to play in society. While you are the face of your community, you must also be the voice. Be the voice for the voiceless and the needy and advocate for what is good for your community,” said Minister Kumar.

The Minister also encouraged the Queens to work closely with their respective Municipal Councils, in improving their towns and cities.

“I urge you to frequently meet with representatives of your Municipal Councils and discuss ways to improve your communities. Bring issues and concerns raised by members of your community and discus with them. Suggest ways in which you could improve your town and city, because together, we can achieve greater things,” Minister Kumar stated.

The Honourable Minister further added that the Queens could also be the voice of the Municipal Councils in their community.

“You are also important because you are the bridge between your community and the Councils. Your continued involvement and passion could contribute positively in many ways, both to the community and the Councils. Be the gap filler and strive to work diligently for the benefit of your towns and cities. So please, do not take your roles lightly, as it is extremely crucial,” said Mr Kumar.

Towns and cities around the country have been organizing township festivals with the aim to create awareness on issues that are important to Fiji and all Fijians.

Furthermore, the weeklong festivity is a time where members of the community get together, enjoy each other’s company along with the amusement rides, delicious food and entertainment and participate in trade and horticulture shows.

This has generated a lot of interest and the festivals have become an engine to encourage and support entrepreneurial skills in Fiji.

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