The Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development Honourable Premila Kumar, yesterday handed over a brand new 9 ton Isuzu Compactor Truck to the Nadi Town Council.

Whilst handing over the truck, the Minister said Nadi Town was going through rapid urbanization, population growth and the Government realises the importance to continue supporting important areas needing attention to manage urbanization.

“To support solid waste management services, the Fijian Government has invested in a 9-ton compactor truck to be used by Nadi Town Council to support household collection. This new fleet is expected to strengthen the services provided by the Nadi Town Councils to ratepayers and its citizens,” said Honourable Kumar.  

The Minister further added that Nadi Town Council recently undertook a boundary extension exercise and the truck donation is timely, as it will provide the services needed in these extended areas.

“In August 2018, the Nadi Town Council was given the responsibility to manage solid waste and from 8 January of this year, the Council will commence collections. For the extended areas, they have all been surveyed and the Council has come up with an action plan to commence collection as well”.

Honourable Kumar added that effective service delivery remains a key priority and all Municipal Councils will be work closely with the Government.

“We all must work together with the aim, to continuously improve service delivery to all our stakeholders. With this new compactor truck assisting you in your service delivery, I request that you put it to good use, look after it well and ensure that it is maintained at all times,” elaborated Honourable Kumar. The 9 ton Isuzu Compactor Truck, which is valued at $240,000, is the second compactor Truck for Nadi Town Council. It will be used to provide solid waste management services.

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