The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism whilst participating at the 14th World Exchange Congress (WEC), proudly displayed a range of Fijian Made products at the Fijian booth in Beirut, Lebanon.

The products which was a hit from day one, enabled the participants to not only know about Fiji, but it’s products as well, especially the organic varieties.

Congress participant Miguel Ballesteros Lupez of the Embassy of Spain said having to see the products first hand was a blessing for him.

“I’ve always heard about the organic products from Fiji, especially ginger but never got to see them. Today, I am very happy, because not only do I get to see the product, I also get to take home with me with a whole bottle of your wonderful organic ginger. This is really good and I commend the Fijian Government for their initiative in bringing the products to Beirut and having them displayed at the Congress,” said Mr Lupez.

Another participant Abdul Kader of Bangladesh said other countries should learn from Fiji when promoting their products abroad.

“Even though this is a stock exchange and capital market related meeting, having such products displayed, helps us learn more about each other’s countries, in this case – Fiji. It opens up a new window altogether, which I think is really good. We may have not been to Fiji, but with your products here in Beirut, you have brought Fiji to us. I strongly feel other countries should do the same when it comes to promoting their products overseas,” said Mr Kader.

The Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Honourable Premila Kumar said the Ministry was delighted to be part of the 2019 WEC and will continue to support the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) in their preparation for the 2020 World Exchange Congress.

“Fiji being offered the opportunity to host this high profiled event, depicts the fact that we are well placed to gain greater international acceptance and prominence amongst other market players in the capital market and the greater financial market. The Ministry is therefore happy to support SPSE and be part of this great achievement,” said the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Hon. Premila Kumar.

The 15th World Exchange Congress, which is scheduled to take place in May 2020, will be attended by over 450 participants from 60 different countries.

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