The Young Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) is to stimulate employment generation by encouraging Fijian youths to become job creators rather than job seekers, which in turn lead to an increase in new and innovative products and services that meet international standards and can compete globally.

The primary objective of YES is to provide immediate assistance in the form of grants to young and budding entrepreneurs who have innovative and bankable ideas/projects which financial institutions are not willing to support due to lack of collateral. This will partly address the market failure where financial institutions are reluctant to provide start-up capital to young entrepreneurs.

This YES Program also promote the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable business practices that respect the environment and adheres to relevant laws and regulations.

Successful young aspiring entrepreneurs are being provided with business training and mentorship to enable them to operate financially viable businesses.


  1. Open to all young Fijians between the ages of 18 to 40 years.
  2. Must be a Fijian Citizen.
  3. Must have an Innovative/Unique Business Idea.

Grant Criteria

Grant Funding Eligibility (depending on the nature of request):

  1. Full funding;
  2. Partially funding; and/or
  3. Equity for loans.

General Criteria Used to Assess Applications:

  1. Innovative ideas, products or services that contribute to achieving the vision of transitioning Fiji towards a knowledge-based and modern society;
  2. Initiatives that lead to employment creation particularly in the rural and maritime regions;
  3. Businesses that improve the standards of living and overall welfare of all Fijians;
  4. Projects that will enhance the reputation of Fiji in the international fora;
  5. Ventures that have a social dimension that support the economic empowerment of women, and persons with disabilities; and
  6. Enterprises that have strong backward and forward linkages that support other sectors of the Fijian economy.


  1. Immediate family members of the staff of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.
  2. Employees of the Fijian Civil Service.

Applicants Contribution

  • Preferably have done some basic business training/seminars/workshop; however further support in this area will be provided by the Ministry if required.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Successful applicants will be required to adhere to the conditions of the grant funding set by the Ministry.
  2. Must have a current Bank account.

Maximum Grant

  • Up to $30,000 per proposal per person/start-up.


  • The Ministry will be responsible for the assessment of all applications, and approvals will be made by the Selection Panel with the final endorsement by the Permanent Secretary and Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism.


  • Business Mentoring, Monitoring and Evaluation will be conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

This page will outline the steps which you will take in order to apply for the YES.

You can apply in the following ways:

  • Online via this Website. Click here.
  • Email to yes@mitt.gov.fj
  • Sent or lodged directly with MITT Head Office, marked in confidence, and addressed to the Permanent Secretary.
  • Application guidelines available at MITT Head Office, Divisional Government offices and on the website.

Atunaisa Rainima

Age at time of grant receipt: 22 Business Name: Landscaping and Biogas Business activities:The business venture is involved in two activities which are landscaping and biogas production. The recipient provides sustainable and affordable landscaping services such as ...

Siwan Narayan

Age at time of grant receipt: 23 Business Name: The Tiny House Movement Scheme Business activities: The venture builds affordable, strong and comfortable small homes for first time home owners. The main objective of the venture is to provide houses to families with ...

Adelene Louise Tutu

Age at time of grant receipt: 28 Business Name: Get Lean (Fiji) Business activities: Get Lean Fiji has made it possible for its clients to access fitness training sessions through a mobile app. Most of Get Lean (Fiji) clients are working individuals who do not ...

Rinesh Rajesh Sharma

Age at time of grant receipt: 25 Business Name: Aero Herb – Automated Hydroponics System for Smart Farming Business activities: Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions. The business venture combines ...

Krishneel Chand

Age at time of grant receipt: 29 Business Name: Traffic Essentials (Fiji) Business activities: The business venture is a solution to ease traffic congestions that arise from new infrastructural developments in the country. Traffic Essentials Fiji’s major objective ...

Winston Mark Hill

Age at time of grant receipt: 25 Business Name: BoxFit HQ Business activities: BoxFit is a gym franchise venture that was introduced by Mr Hill. The first franchise gym will be opened in Suva and will be replicated in other parts of the country. Mr Hill provides ...

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