Upon receipt of a complete application, the Committee must within 28 days:

  1. Assess the application, including any supporting documentation, and determine whether the individual is a skilled professional;
  2. Determine whether it is in the public interest for the applicant to be employed in Fiji as a skilled professional; and
  3. Approve or reject the application.

Once the Committee decides to approve an application, in accordance with Section 10(1) the Committee should in writing give a directive to:

  1. The Director of Immigration to issue to the applicant, within 2 days, a permit to enter, reside, reside and work or work in Fiji; and
  2. The relevant professional body, if any, to issue, upon payment of the relevant fee by the applicant, a certificate of registration or license or both, subject to terms and conditions as the Committee considers necessary.

The applicant can appeal the decision of the Committee, all appeals need to be made to the Hon. Prime Minister in writing, within 20 working days of the decision of the Committee.

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