The Ministry administers the Fiji audio-Visual commission (Licensing of audio Visual agents) Regulations 2012.

AV Regulations

  1. Completed Application Form;
  2. Prescribed application fees of $300 plus VAT upon application and a prescribed issuance fee of $1000 plus VAT upon approval of the license (cash or bank cheque addressed to Permanent Secretary For Industry And Trade);
  3. Original copy of birth certificate/passport for Fiji Residents;
  4. Residence permit from Fiji Immigration Department For Foreign Nationals;
  5. Certificate Of Business Registration from the registrar of Companies;
  6. Police Clearance for an “Individual” or, in “The Case Of A Company“, for Officers Of The Company to be addressed to “The Permanent Secretary For Industry And Trade, P. O. Box 2118, Government Buildings, Suva“;
  7. Original or Certified copy of valid Business License;
  8. Tax Identification Number (copy ff Fiji Revenue And Customs Authority Letter);
  9. Applicants to provide details of their operations in terms of the following:
    1. Audio-visual Service Currently Being Offered;
    2. Qualifications Possessed Relevant To The Audio-visual Industry;
    3. Work Experience Relevant To The Audio-visual Industry;
    4. Any Other Relevant Information.

Once the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, the hard copy of the forms is to be returned to the Ministry.

Please fill out the attached form

AV application form

Once a complete application is submitted to the Ministry, best endeavours are made to answer the application as soon as we can.

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