The Fijian Tourism 2021 (FT 2021) is a comprehensive development plan prepared by the Fijian Government to grow Fiji’s tourism industry from $1.9 billion in 2017 to an industry worth $2.2 billion by the end of 2021.

The overarching focus of the plan is to maximize tourism yield while achieving a sustainable rate of visitor arrivals growth.

Strategies outlined in the FT 2021 are aligned to the overall vision of the Fijian Government, which is to provide the enabling environment to elevate the tourism sector to provide livelihood, income and to benefit all Fijians.

In summary, the key strategies essentially focus on:

  1. Building an industry that is resilient, productive and focuses on quality.
  2. Rigorous marketing of the Fijian brand in the traditional markets to explore the untapped potential, and also targeting new and emerging markets of Asia.
  3. Investments in infrastructure that will lead to investment in the tourism industry.
  4. Influencing quality investment to grow the industry in a sustainable manner. Provision of the best tourism industry incentives.
  5. Rolling out business support programmes that will provide tourism businesses (especially micro, small and medium business) with the opportunity to enhance their capability to promote their businesses, taking advantage of international online platforms.
  6. Capacity building in the tourism industry to enable improvement in standards. We will also target specialised training and address skills shortages in the tourism industry.
  7. Enhanced coordination between Government Ministries and promotion agencies to, firstly, collectively and better market the place with the Fijian Brand and, secondly, ensure that the benefits from the tourism sector are spread further in the economy.
  8. Leveraging of international events, better targeting benefits to Fiji.
  9. Finally, ensure the Industry is prepared for climate change, global economic shocks and other risks.

Download: Fijian Tourism 2021

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