The Ministry formulates and implements policies and strategies to facilitate growth in industry, investment, trade, tourism, co-operative businesses, micro and small enterprises; and enhance metrology, standards and consumer protection.

These roles and responsibilities are undertaken by the Economic Unit, Trade Unit, Department of Tourism, Department of National Trade Measurement and Standards, Department of Co-operative Business and Corporate Services Division, within the Ministry, including Trade Commissions in Taiwan, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Papua New Guinea.

The Ministry is supported by seven (7) statutory organisations namely Consumer Council of Fiji, Fiji Commerce Commission, Investment Fiji, Film Fiji, Tourism Fiji, Real Estate Agents Licensing Board and National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprise Development.

Trade Commissions

The five Trade Commissions based in Australia, China, New Zealand, North America and Papua New Guinea are responsible for undertaking investment and export marketing missions, organising and participating in trade and investment exhibitions, and creating and ...

Relevant Laws & Policies

The Ministry’s roles and responsibilities involves the implementation of Laws, including the following:

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